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Network Visualization Animation


Does anyone know how to turn off the animation of the network analysis visualization? The nodes in my graph continuously are wiggling around, the speed of which seems to be driven by node size. It's highly annoying as you are unable to read the constantly moving labels. Thanks!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Cbook88


Would you like to stop the animation or disable the Report entirely?

Unfortunately, the animation is part of an html page so you would have to add code in there to stop it. If you want to disable the Report entirely, you can right-click on the tool and select "Open Macro". You'll see a couple tools, one of which is a Report Text Tool that converts the html page into the Chart you are seeing. If you want, you can simply delete the Macro Output to it and it won't display anymore. 


If looking to edit the html, you'll have to read it from the 3rd output of the R Tool, in which case you can try to manipulate it there. 


Whichever you do, I would just be aware that this is now a modified Macro, so you might want to create a backup just in case.