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6 - Meteoroid

I'm attempting to understand the relationships between products via their Bills of Material (BOM).  The BOM data is only 1 level deep, meaning that if C goes into B and B goes into A, I'll have one record where A is the parent item and B is the subordinate, and another BOM record where B is the parent and C is the subordinate.  


So the nodes represent all the products, and the "To-From" relationships are represented by the parent/subordinate BOM relationships.  


Ultimately what I am after, is to identify "groups" of products that are all connected.  So if you can go from one node to another in the network via an edge, I want all these nodes to be given the same "group", as they are all related or dependent upon each other somehow by their Bills of Material.  


This seems possible as 'group' is part of the D output. In the configuration, I have the Edges tab as being directed and in the lower part of the Nodes tab I have the "Group Nodes" box checked, as well as the "Statistic" radio button, with "" selected.  Any other configuration choices on the Nodes tab lead to an error.  


At an initial glance, this seemed to be doing what I least for most of the items.  Even though the inputs are static, when I run it, the number of groups in the output is different from one run to the next, and a handful of groups (which changes from run to run) only have 1 member in it, which shouldn't be possible as the only nodes in the model came from a parent or subordinate on the BOM table.  


Is what I am after possible with this tool?  If so, how? I've tried unchecking the directed checkbox on the Edges tab of the configuration.  This changes the output, although the output still changes from run to run.  


And if not, is there another tool that would be better to use for what I am after?  

6 - Meteoroid

I've figured out the issue.  The Network Analysis tool does what I want with the "Directed" Checkbox unchecked on the Edges tab of the configuration.  I was really confused why when I ran it the output changed every time.  I thought I had fed the tool a unique list of edges and nodes, but there were duplicates in my edges....once I got rid of those, things seems to behave as desired.  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The 'Make Group' tool is also very useful here and it will identify all of those that are 'related'.