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Nested Query with parameters




I have a query that I would like to automate through Alteryx.


Query1: Select col1, col2 from ABC WHERE Parameter1="afsdfsdg"


Query2: Select Query1.Col2, EFG.Col3, EFG.Col4, Count(Distinct EFG.Col5) Where EFG INNER JOIN Query1 On EFG.Col4=Col1

WHERE EFG.Parameter 2="afsasdfg"

Group By Query1.Col2, EFG.Col3, EFG.Col4


Please note that metric in Query 2 is a Count Distinct and also it brings a column from Query1. Because of these two reasons I am unable to separate the query and compute the data separately as two Input data components. Also Query 2 is running on huge database tables. Doing Count distinct at the later stage might have huge performance implication.


I want to use drop down parameters to automate this thing.


Any help will be appreciated!!







Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @bghosh

Maybe you want to start looking deeper into the Dynamic Input In-DB Tool (


Hope this points into the right direction.