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Need to transpose the excel data into a normalized way


Hi all,

I am working on a excel sheet which needs to be transposed to a normalized way using alteryx tools, but I am unable to achieve that using the transpose and cross tab tools with in the Alteryx. Looking if someone can help me in this? 


Here are the sample images of my original excel sheet and the sheet which I need to convert into.


Original format of excel sheet:
Original Excel sheet.PNG


Sheet that needs to be converted into:


Sheet need to be converted.PNGt

The challenging part for me was to parse the Classified results and Raw results as a values into separate column "Results".


Can someone help me out in achieving this? Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Partner

Can you please supply the XLS file ?  It saves time in typing it in again ( and maybe creating mistakes that don't exist )


Sure. Here it is.

Alteryx Partner

This is how I would do it :


2018-12-07 21_17_21-Alteryx Designer x64 - transpose data.yxmd.png


That worked, thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it.