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Need to disable the container if nothing is selected from the List box interface tool



I am working on a App which takes list box values from the external source which is an excel file, now I need to disable the container within the WF if none of the values are selected from the List box. can someone help me in achieving this?

Attached is the sample excel file I am using to get my List box values.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Here's the formula I used in the Action tool between the List Box and tool container:


IF contains(lowercase([#1]),'true')=-1 THEN 'false'
else 'true' ENDIF


This says, if the List Box output contains the string 'true' (which means at least one option was selected), then the disable feature on the container is 'false' (disabled the disable'). 


Thanks for the reply Charlie, but unfortunately I am unable to open the package since mine is a bit older version; do i need to use that formula in the Action tool?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Happy to help! Yes, that's the formula, and be sure that the Disable value on the Tool Container is what is selected too.