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Need to connect to SAP Data Source

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Hi All,


I need a small help regarding connectivity of SAP Data Source in Alteryx. How to connect SAP Data Source with alteryx. It will be of great help if some one guides me regarding it.


Alteryx designer has a In-Database connectivity module where it has options for connecting it with SAP data source.


When I tried to research for it I came to know that alteryx sap integration needs some thirdy party tools such as Xtract Universal and DVW for integrating sap with alteryx.


So can anyone give me a comparison and overview of what these third party tools can do different as opposed to alteryx designer Input data tool.


Also give me some reference links for it.




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Hi @Karthik_7694 ,


The difference between both is actually the platform, the input data tool connects to SAP Hana while theobald or dwv connects to SAP BW.


Making it simple, Hana is the sucessor of the sap bw and alteryx can connect to it with no cost, while BW demands a homologated provider, which makes those tools not free.


You only need to find out which SAP platform your company have and use one or another.



Fernando V.

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HI @Karthik_7694 


I'll also weigh in on this.  In addition to what @fmvizcaino has mentioned, you will want to work with your internal SAP governance group.  While Alteryx can connect to SAP Hana tables, I have found many companies do not allow this.  DVW works by requesting/imbedding the user's SAP credentials into the workflow to ensure proper access to SAP data, so I have seen this implemented successfully.  Cost is a consideration with DVW as it is an additional licensing fee.

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Thanks @T_Willins .


Hi @Karthik_7694  this is Darron Walton from DVW Analytics. If you would like to test out your SAP use case, feel free to visit us at to register for a trial.