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Need some help figuring out how to use the reporting tools to produce the requested output

7 - Meteor

I'm having a devil of a time trying to figure out how to use a reporting tool like table to turn this data into the output I want: Here's some example data: 


SupervisorEmployeeDateCall GroupHandle TimeCalls Handled
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020GLASS00
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020NEW AUTO8871
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020OTHER15631
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020OUTBOUND19473
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020PROPERTY15081
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020STATUS18855
Adams, Rachael MBent, Madeline3/9/2020TOW00
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020GLASS20881
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020NEW AUTO57797
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020OTHER24563
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020OUTBOUND00
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020PROPERTY29693
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020STATUS56529
Adams, Rachael MDenbraven, Kathlyn3/9/2020TOW5351
Alber, Michael JAyala, Monica3/9/2020OTHER2973
Alber, Michael JAyala, Monica3/9/2020OUTBOUND00
Alber, Michael JMathis, Ericka A3/9/2020OTHER8797
Alber, Michael JMathis, Ericka A3/9/2020OUTBOUND450
Alber, Michael JOlmstead, Dave3/9/2020OTHER00
Alber, Michael JOlmstead, Dave3/9/2020OUTBOUND3810
Alber, Michael JSend, Sarah M3/9/2020OTHER6106
Alber, Michael JSend, Sarah M3/9/2020OUTBOUND2




I have a larger example set attached in an excel file. Basically there are the following columns:





Call Type

Number of Calls

Length of Calls. 


Seems simple enough, but they want it to display like this: 


Handle Time Metrics
 CallsAverage Time




Sorry for the terrible paste job. But the basic gist is, for each employee they want to see, on the top, a row with their total calls and average handle time for all calls, followed by a row that shows the same for everybody under that employee's supervisor, followed by a row that shows the same for everybody with calls (the enterprise). Then they want sections for individual call type groups under the all calls. 


Every thing I am doing to try and pivot it fails. I'm sure there is a simple genius way to do this, but its escaping me. Anyone have any ideas? 


I am attaching a larger sample data set and a better picture of what they are looking for than my terrible paste job above. 


Any help would be appreciated. 



12 - Quasar

Hello @rfoster7,


Just looking at the data and what you are trying to do it seems like a pretty layered question. I think I need a bit more detail to figure out the best path. Is each "Enterprise" listed all teams minus the one supervisor's team included in the team line? Is each supervisor have this table repeated for them? 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @rfoster7 


The Community is here to help! Could you help me out with some clarification? Where do the "Team" and "Enterprise" attributes come from? Would "Enterprise" be the same as "Overall"? and "Team" take the value of each unique supervisor name?


I put together the following example following this assumption. Let me know if I'm heading in the right direction. 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Long post alert!


@rfoster7 -  Chiming-in with others on this thread, can you further help define what constitutes All and Enterprise buckets?


Shooting an arrow in the dark, I made my own assumptions of what you might be looking for and built the attached solution.



Build an explicit table for every employee. For every employee, breakdown the data as:

  • All
    • Total Calls Handled/AHT for a given employee across all Call Group
    • Team - Total Calls Handled/AHT at employee's Supervisor level across all Call Group
    • Enterprise - Total Calls Handled/AHT across organization (irrespective of Call Group)
  • By Call Group (e.g. OUTBOUND etc.)
    • Total Calls Handled/AHT for a given employee at a given Call Group (OUTBOUND in this case)
    • Team - Total Calls Handled/AHT at employee's Supervisor level at a given Call Group (OUTBOUND in this case)
    • Enterprise - Total Calls Handled/AHT across organization at a given Call Group (OUTBOUND in this case)

This logic fails in the case of 'Ayala, Monica'. I noticed that she is a manager as well as an employee of Alber, Michael J. If this is true, then you might have a larger data question at hand, and will have to further think about your definitions on Team, Enterprise etc. In my example I have filtered out records where 'Ayala, Monica' is a Supervisor until you are able to confirm. 


In any case, hope my solution helps spark an idea or approach for you to build on. And in the lucky event where my solution does answer your question, please mark this post as Solution Accepted:)