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Need help with appending sheet names to my data after using dynamic import


I just started using dynamic import and stuff after making many unnecessarily time consuming workflows with 10+ import tools.


Right now I'm trying to import a large excel file with around 10 sheets. After modifying the data I want to export it to different CSV files based on the sheet name. I understand that to do this, I need to append sheet name next to each row. I know how to do this when I'm using 1 import tool to import multiple files with single sheets, but not when I'm importing multiple sheets of a single file.


Any help would be appreciated.


Additional question: I want to use the dynamic rename tool, but instead of using then "take data from 1st row of data" option, I want it to take field names from 3rd row of data. Is this possible?


Hi @AkisM 


If you configure your dynamic input to output the full path, the output field will contain the input Sheet name. After some formula work to extract the sheet name, you can use this in your output tool to direct the records to different files





Edit:  For your second question, use a Sample tool to skip the first 2 rows before your dynamic rename.