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Need help with Lua Script

Alteryx Partner


We have created a Lua Script for MapD driver, Please find it in the attachment(Please convert the extention from txt to lua). but the problem is that we are still getting an error. 
Can anyone help us by looking at the Lua script and improvising it?


Hi @sushantk,


Can you please share the workflow as well? You can message it to me. I can't do anything with just the script below.

John Posada
Cloud Engineer


I have create lua script for Tibco Data Virtualization(TDV) version 8. and place the same in the folder C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\ODBC


When I try to connect to the TDV using other ODBC datasource from the Input Data Tool and try to browse the schema to list the tables I am getting following error:

Get Table List Error: Lua open script error: 0, ...m Files/Alteryx/bin/RuntimeData/ODBC/composite80_x64.lua:36: attempt to index a nil value (global 'composite80_x64').


Please suggest how to fix this error.



I also ran into problems using the TIBCO Data Virtualization version 8.0 ODBC drivers and I found that upgrading the TDV server and ODBC drivers to version 8.1 seems to have solved the issues I was seeing.