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Need help to send and download from download tool in alteryx

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Can you "send and download" like "postman" can do in alteryx ?

The problem are that if I take the url I shall download from and add it to en text file and the download tool in alteryx so do I only get 12 kb from the file and it's running without any error, it's telling me that it downloaded it succesfull but if I past the url into "postman" that are an app we used before alteryx and use send and download so does postman download the entire file on 7700kb but it's not working in alteryx, I have tried POST and GET in the download tool without success, anyone that know if I can do this with the download tool in alteryx.

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hey @patrikfrid!
What is the API you are using? I've typically found that anything you can do in postman you can do in Alteryx - sometimes with a 'roundabout' way. 

Is the API publicly available? I'd like to give it a try on my side and get back to you.