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Need help to import excel data into SQL Server table

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Hi Team,


I have a bunch of data in excel file (suppose test.xlsx) with following format


Field1    Field2       Field3     Field4
1            ABC         30           HR
2            DEF         40           ADMIN
3            PQR         50          IT
4            XYZ          60          Finance


I want to upload this data into the SQL server table.


I have already created the table in SQL database with same format.


Can you please provide me the steps how to import this excel into SQL table?


Thank you in advance.


Waiting for your reply.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

The Output Data tool in Alteryx will allow you to output data to a SQL Server database. If you have made a connection to this database in  Alteryx before, the Input Data and Output Data tools will connect in a similar fashion. The Output Data tool can be configured to "Append Existing" to add this data to the existing table (overwriting actions are also available). 













Here is a link to the Tool Mastery article on the Output Data tool here on the Community:

8 - Asteroid

Thank you so much Charlie. It works 🙂