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Need help to generate multiple word documents from one single workflow using Macro.

6 - Meteoroid

I have an excel file with three different sheets containing data and the common ID number in each sheet.

Until now I have created a macro where the user can select for which ID do they want to generate a report in a Word Document.

I want to be enable users to generate multiple reports at the same time for 5 different IDs of their choice for example:
5 reports for ID: sample01, sample02, sample08,sample10,sample11 and have alteryx save 5 different word documents with the name of each ID to distinguish each report for who is it for.

In addition, I have created for ID "sample10" only one row of data in EUR so the Macro in this case, depending on the summarize formula I have inserted doesn't generate anything. Can I make it in this case the workflow to generate some "Error Message" or still generate the output saying that data on Type "USD" is missing?

Attached is the input file in excel and the alteryx workflow I have created so far.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Keisi  Please check the updated workflow. 



1) input can accept multiple IDs separated by space,  any number. For each ID separate output will be created. If you need strictly only 5, small adjustment will be required. 

2) Error message created if user puts ID where USD is missing error message will be generated.

    But how do you want to set up if a user will put two or more ID with USD and without? What should happen? 

    a) error message will display that in some ID USD is missing

    b) app will run for 'correct' IDs