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Need Help With Input and Updating Values

5 - Atom

Hello everyone!  I hope all is ok.  I need your help with a matter as I am still new with Alteryx and have a project that I would love to incorporate the tool with is.  I would like to ask 2 things however:


  1. I am currently working on a project that inputs data from Google Form onto Google Sheets.  It is automatically updated once an input from Google Form is made.  Now, is there a way that I am able to import Google Sheets into Alteryx, or do I need to use a normal Excel document?
  2. The project is about locker information (i.e. values) which updates when an employee sends a request through Google Form requesting a locker.  So let's say I have an employee that requests a locker from Area A.  Area A has 100 lockers.  Once it is requested, an employee can manually approve the locker request and assign a number (I would like Alteryx to keep track of available lockers and assign one to the employee - hence the value changes depending on when a locker is rented out and/or turned back in again).  Is this possible using Alteryx?  I have different tabs in my Google Sheet that has the information of the employee (name, email, ID, department, etc), another worksheet that has the locker area and the number of lockers).  How do I prepare something of that nature?  Is it doable?  Should I use different worksheets?  

Any help you are able to provide me would be highly appreciative.


Thank you all and have a great day!

17 - Castor