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Need Header Row Before Column Names


Version: Alteryx Version 9.5


Attached is an example of what I'm working with


The data in my workflow will be pulled using a database connection and database output tools


I need the report to display the header row first, then column names below that, followed by the corresponding data



What is the best way for me to make this happen?


For a visual, here is what they want the output to look like


Expected Output


When I produce the file however, the column header names are above the Header Record and I need the Header row to always be at the top.


Please let me know if you have questions.



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hey asq,

Lots of different ways to do this but a simple table tool should suffice. Try the attached file and let me know id you ahve any questions.


This method doesn't seem to be compatible with a .csv output format. What are some other options. Sorry that I forgot to mention output type.


Thanks for your help!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Here you go!


Works as a CSV, I did test that. Setup to go to temp/output.csv for now.


@jack_morgan wrote:

Here you go!


Works as a CSV, I did test that. Setup to go to temp/output.csv for now.

Great tip, much appreciated. How can I remove trailing pipes in the header row when creating a pipe delimited .csv?

Changing delimiter to "|" in output data in  Example.yxmd


hello Morgan,

i am new to alteryx and i have seen your example provided below when i was searching for a solution to one of our requirement. Thank you.

i need help to understand how the middle flow works (field info--> formula-->cross tab ) works.

we have an XML file as an input, and we are trying to translate it to a CSV file, with the tags as header and the corresponding values below.

however we need to add another header line on top of this. like Header 1 (4 fields, can be read from a CSV or a txt file), 2nd column has the actual headers from the XML and followed by the corresponding data from the XML. 

1. can this work without creating a Record ID?

2. not clear on how the middle flow logic works , i've tried changing but the values coming out of that flow are not changing






Perfect. i forgot to untick the "First Row Contains Field Names" but could easily apply this workflow to my work. Thank you! so helpful