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Need: Documentation/Tutorial/Etc. the rptx file format

I need to create a custom Allocate report and I'm running into errors that I don't know how to fix.


I've looked, but cannot find any documentation (or even mention) of formatting guidance of these files. The link that appears in the file for the schema returns "Internal Error SrcTemplate::CreateRange: Range does not exist "404;".


This is probably a question for the Alteryx dev staff, but if there are any other rptx hackers out there, I'd love to hear from you.




John Hollingsworth
Clear Channel Outdoor
Creative Director
Creative Director

There is some documention on *.rptx in the Allocate Help file. So if you launch Allocate and go to Help, you can find some explantion on how to structure reports, which you can muscle through in a text editor. You can also start with some of the canned reports or create a custom report to generate the file and then build out from there.


Hope this helps.

Tara McCoy


Thanks for directing me to the actual Allocate executable and attendant help doc.


I've been using the Allocate Report tool in Designer so long, I had assumed that Allocate no longer shipped by itself.


But there it was, with (as mentioned) some attendant help. :robotwink: Still better than nothing.


At Inspire, I heard that a WYSIWYG reporting approach is in the future. I assume that will have knock on effects to the Allocate Reports and all of this will change anyway.


Thanks again,





John Hollingsworth
Clear Channel Outdoor