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Neatly Display Download data that is returned in CSV format

7 - Meteor



I am reaching out to an API that seems to be returning DownloadData in CSV format (I say think because the headers and data are separated by a semicolon which i read is UK format). I can't attach a sample but I will do my best to describe it.


I have a Text input with the URL as a field. The download tool grabs that data. DownloadData shows up as RED but the data inside the cell has the following format:


Domain;Organic Traffic;1


My goal is to use the browse tool and see the data in table format as so:


Domain               Organic Traffic              1


I am new to Alteryx and still learning the tools. 





16 - Nebula

The red probably means there are leading or trailing white space, which you can remove with a data cleanse tool. You can use the Text to columns tool to split the data into 2 columns