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National Hurricane Center Active Feed


I have a need to tie into the National Hurricane Centers active feed. There is some documentation here:

I have never used this kind of file type before and am really new to spacial data, so my question is two fold:

1. Has anyone already done this and can you share?

2. Are there any tips on working with KML/KMZ files?


Thanks in advance!!



What are you looking to do with this data? And, which dataset in particular do you want to download?

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer


I am hoping to get spatial data surrounding the potential cone of impact to be able to bounce against addresses to understand how many of our members might be impacted by a hurricane.


Hi -- I just read your question and I am looking for something similar.  Did you find what you were looking for?  Can you also help me?  I am looking for a spatial file for the path of Hurricane Florence.  I tried to follow a link you sent but I did not actually see the response.





Hey Derreck! I have attached a workflow from the National Hurricane Center that downloads the spatial file for the active feed in the Atlantic Ocean. This data includes the track for Florence. The macro in the workflow is the one I downloaded from the link in my previous post. I hope you have as much fun with this data as I am!!! Let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you!  Yesterday, I made a workflow using data from the National Hurricane Center.  I found some spatial files on Wind Probabilities and incorporated them into a workflow.  It was an emergency so I had to put together something really quickly.  I cannot wait to see what this workflow entails although I could not view it right away as Alteryx said I need to update to the latest version of Alteryx.  Here is a view of one of my outputs.

Engine_3060_9a8fc04e42124763b9ff314099201d99_ (004).pngHurricane Florence Wind Probabilities 64kt

National Hurricane Center Wind Probabilities



Does anyone have a copy that will run in Alteryx 11?