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Naming Convention on Filetypes

8 - Asteroid

I have just taken the Core Designer Test... and failed.. Ooops! But doing it, helped me discover many aspects of Alteryx that I wasn't aware of!

One of the questions that often takes me slightly more time to think about is the file types.


I am more of a logical thinker and can't hardwire the extensions into my brain, so I thought it would be helpful if I share the logic I am using to figure out the naming conventions of the File Types for those of you who are wired like I am!


I have placed "???" for those I have yet to figure out and still guessing.. Do help me if you know the answer! Thanks!

Updated with some answers from !


File TypesBegins withReasonEnds withReason
.yxmd (Workflow) yxAlteryxmd???
.yxwg (Workflow group)yxAlteryxwgWorkflow Group
.yxmc (Macro)yxAlteryxmcFirst alphabets of the "macro" phonetics
.yxwz (Analytic App)yxAlteryxwzWiZard (original analytic name)
.yxzp (Packaged Workflow)yxAlteryxzp??? Zipped Package ???
.yxi (Packaged Tool)yxAlteryxiInstaller/Installation
.indbc (Packaged In-DB connections)indbIn-DBcConnections
.yxdb (Alteryx Database)yxAlteryxdbDataBase (standard acronym)
.cydb (Calgary Database)cyCalgarydbDataBase (standard acronym)
.cyidx (Calgary Index)cyCalgaryidxIndex
.rptx (Allocate reports)rptx???  
.vvf (Allocate virtual variables)v???vf 
.aws (Allocate workspace file)a??? Allocate ???ws??? workspace ???
.yxwv (App Values)yxAlteryxwvWizard Values
.yxft (Field Types)yxAlteryxftField Types
.yxbe (Browse Everywhere data)yxAlteryxbeBrowse Everywhere
.pcxml (Composer file)pcpopchart xmlextensible markup language
.yxlang (Localization files)yxAlteryxlangLanguage


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @Amin 


Regarding your doubts:


yxmd never thought about it but could be Media Designer (not sure)

yxwz comes from WiZard (original analytic name)

yxzp it's what you thought (zipped)

yzi   comes from installation (or installer)

aws as you thougth, comes from workspace

yxwv comes from wizard values

pcxml comes form popchart extensible markup language




10 - Fireball

Hi Amin,

As far as I know .yxmd refers to an Alteryx Module (a prior name of a workflow); .yxwz refers to an Alteryx Wizard; and a .yxi refers to an Alteryx Installer.

I did not know about the .yxbe and .yxlang (Language?) and .yxwv (Wizard Value?) so I learnt something today.


With kind regards,

Roland van Leeuwen


8 - Asteroid

I am considering whether zp means Zipped Package after suggestion by