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NULL values in output when not NULL in input


Hi all!


I am having a problem with an Alteryx workflow creating NULL values in my output file when there are not NULL values in my original input files. I am trying to combine twelve Excel files (one for each month of the year) into one output with summarized data. However, the NULL values appear in my output only for some months, not all. I have checked the formatting of my input files to ensure consistency and tried changing the data types in my workflow... but still I receive NULL values where there shouldn't be.


Any ideas on how I can correct this issue? I'd greatly appreciate any ideas, as I am a new user to Alteryx.






Alteryx Capture.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I have seen NULLs come into my data before.  Your picture doesn't provide me with a clear view of what's going on with the data, but maybe my mistake is your's too.


A variable is defined as a Number, but that definition is too small for the data.  As an example, you've got an integer (INT16) and you try to put 100,000 into it.  INT16 only goes up to 32,xxx (excuse me for not memorizing the exact value).   In this case you'll get a NULL value.


If this is the case, changing to INT64 or DOUBLE will solve the problem.





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