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NOAA Weather API issues


Hi I am getting different outputs when I hit this API. Sometimes the JSON build works and sometimes it does not build anything. If anyone has any idea on why this happens I would appreciate greatly. I am attaching the workflow and the two outputs I am getting from the download tool.





@mreinsch According to their API documentation, it looks like you can specify that you want the JSON back by adding an accept header. I've added the header in the attached. The default should be JSON anyway, so it's interesting that something funny must be going on at their end that it would ever give you non-JSON back. 


I also added a select tool after the JSON parse to deselect the download data since it was creating a massive temp file and slowing the process down.


Hope that helps!


Thanks @patrick_digan , should of spent more time in the documentation. This works great for me.


@mreinsch Glad I could help! Sometimes a set of fresh eyes is all a problem needs.  This reminded me of @MarqueeCrew's post a while back where he spent too much time trying to solve the problem himself instead of asking the community for input.