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NO COLUMNS Returned: PostgreSQL ODBC Connection

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I have a PostgreSQL 64-bit ODBC Connection installed and the connection is active. I am able to see the database in the Alteryx input tool too. 

But it shows as "No Columns Returned". Really need help with this. Would anyone be able to help me understand what might be going wrong?

I have attached a screenshot below for reference.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @iamviraj13,


This might be a permissions issue given that you can hit the table but not pull the field names. I'd recommend reaching out to your IT team or whoever runs the PostgresSQL database to make sure your credentials have the correct permissions set up. If they confirm your permissions are set up, it may be an issue with the visual query builder at which point it would be best to submit a case with our Support team by emailing support@alteryx.com.

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Was this issue resolved? If so can you please post the reason? I am running in to the same issue. Thank you!!