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NA Field outputted from MB Inspect tool

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

This seems like a relatively new thing (I've seen it in both 2019.1 and 2018.4, but may be visible earlier), but the output to the 'MB Inspect' tools, off the back of an 'Association Rules' analysis using the 'MB rules' tool, there is now a field titled 'NA'.


We believe this is a count of the number of times that combination of products exists, but I think we need to look at renaming this.


Perhaps this is because the R package this tool uses has added it as an attribute so it is outputted but Alteryx have just not identified this.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @BenMoss 


We've researched this issue, and related a defect for it. Thanks for posting!