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N to N matching (1 to N loop ?)

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi, I use Alteryx every day 

So,I want to match the two table.


Table A

USERID request1  request2  request3

U1            AA           12             aaa

U1            BB           23             bbb

U2            AA           Null           ccc

U3      Null         22             aaa



ITEMID  request1  request2  request3

IT1           AA           23            ccc

IT1          AA           22             ccc

IT2         AA             12            aaa

IT2         BB            22             aaa

IT3         CC           12            aaa



TableC (matching result)


U3       IT3

U1         IT2  



So,TableA and TableB's request name are  same meaning.

And, ITEMID and USERID's want condition are multiple.

And,ITEMID and USERID's want condition are "Null" that means "Wildcard"(All matching)


I want to resolve the problem.


But,This problem is too compex.

I think that I use macro, but this problem is very complexity.


Thank you for your kindness.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
It's difficult to understand exactly what you are looking for.

Based on the sample data you provided us, could you build a fourth table to show what the output would look lik3.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you ,I want to make Table 3 


Alteryx Certified Partner

Sorry, I want to make tableC


TableA and TableB match after make TableC


Thank you

Alteryx Certified Partner

I think I understand the requirement, but I don't understand why in Table C you have U3 linked to IT3. That doesn't appear to be correct.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you.

Sorry That is My mistake。

I miss the TableA and TableB's request2  are 22 only.



That is not match.


Thank you.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @SaoriYamguchi,


Isn't it a simply case of matching across multiple fields?

If you join on all request fields like so:



You get the result:





Alteryx Certified Partner
Thank you!!
But, UserID data have null that means wildcard.
I am confusing.
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @SaoriYamguchi,

The UserID is not being used in the join, so it wouldn't matter if it was populated or not.

The joins would be made on the combination of the requests only.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you!