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Mysterious Outes in my output




I have mysterious "" in my output that should be there. These fields are blank but when I look at the output file the quotes are there.


I have tried the data clean options with no punctuation, with & without the "replace with blanks", leading & trailing whitespace, tabs...., & All Whitespace.


Has anyone else encounter this? I would like to correct it in my flow than opening the txt file & removing them out with a "find/replace"


Thank you for your help

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @Andy_Katona

I'm guessing you're outputting to a csv?  If so, have a look at the "Quote Output Fields" option in the output fields; test various settings and see if it helps.  If that doesn't help, could you provide more detail, perhaps a small sample that recreates the issue?

Hope that helps!








Thank you, I saw that setting & I will play with it & see how we do. For example I have 50 columns. Some I can see Null like a place holder not the true word. Then I see columns that have blank value. For example there is a code not filling that cell & appears blank.


I will test turning it to "Never" & see what happens.


Thank you for your help