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MySQL json Data Type Field error: unknown ODBC column datatype


Has anyone successfully pulled data from MySQL 5.7 Database with a json datatype field?


I'm getting the following response whenever I select to retrieve a json datatype field:

Error: Input Data (1): The Query "Select mslog.* From mslog" had an unknown ODBC column datatype


I have the newest ODBC driver (8.0) installed which should work for all 5.5+ versions of mysql and I've tested the connection on 11.7 and 2018.3.




Hi @jarrod 


Based on a MySQL forum article, the ODBC driver for MySQL has very limited support for JSON, How do I access JSON datatype from ODBC?.


Maximum size limitations may be an issue, for details please see: Alteryx Online Help MySQL


Here is an article about converting between JSON and non-JSON values. Casting the JSON values as another datatype may be a workaround.
The JSON Data Type


Thanks @EricWe 


I've switched the field types to text for the time being and will just parse the JSON after i pull in the data. (i'm not concerned about querying the data directly - only need to pull in the json so i can analyze further)


Thanks!! hopefully we will see improved JSON handling as a data type soon :)