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My Weekend challenge - Configuration Options Selection

8 - Asteroid

Working on a side project involving many options an end user can select several options in order to determine the correct configuration and thought id share here for some inspiration.

The attached file contains the data with

  • the different configurations going down
  • the different options in columns
  • the matching options for each configuration marked with an 'X' in the cells


We are looking for a 'dummy proof' way for a user to efficiently select options to derive to a single configuration.


Could this be "Alteryxed" into an app? Seems like it would require a few selection iterations...

Considering several obvious Option relations to one another, I would appreciate any comments or examples on determining efficient prompting of the user to select options efficiently, maybe through grouping them into priorities by determining shared or exclusionary option relations.

18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @Original_Yodies 


Is it possible for you to present the user with a drop down list of the configuration names, 1X, 2, 3,4A, 4B, etc?  Based on the value configuration that the user selects, use mapping table in your workflow to translate the input 1 to the corresponding options. 



8 - Asteroid

ill take a look at that today and let  you know how it goes. Thanks danilang!