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My First Workflow!


I just finished my first alteryx workflow today. I needed a solution that:

- Extracted pdf data (used xpdf for the actual conversion to txt, but then alteryx to parse and clean)

- Clean the extracted data

- Compare the clean data to what was being saved on server

- Upload only new data to the server

- Save a backup locally


Everything worked liked a charm!





















I'm sure there are a hundred and three ways for me to clean up the workflow, but for now I'm happy this works. Bundled this all up in a batch file and now just have to download a monthly pdf and run the .bat and I'm done. I'm looking forward to working more with alteryx and streamlining my data operations!


With that in mind - what are your go-to resources for new learners here?





Congrats on your first workflow !

i would suggest going through the interactive lessons and mastering the tools through Tool Mastery. And try your hand on those weekly challenges too

Alteryx Partner

Talk about Bad Assery! What the **bleep** this is awesome! Tackling pdf right out of the gate, impressive! Keep it up. Reach out to the community if you need help! 


All the best!