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Multo row header

I am trying to generate a report using the table reporting tool aand was wondering how to create a multi row header. One way i was thinking was to create an additional row and format it to look like a header, but i need to merge rows to create the header and hence would not be able to use it,


This is similar to what i would like to achieve,


multi row.JPG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

While creating the data in Alteryx is a breeze, the multi-row header is something that you'll be wanting to do in Excel.  While the version 11 of Alteryx may make you want to rethink that, if you are tied to the format desired you should consider outputting the data to Excel and having Excel setup to do the final formatting.


I found myself in a similar situation and pleased my end user by creating data and exporting it to a "RAW_DATA" tab in Excel.  We formatted data tables (including pivots) that read the raw_data information.  Each time the Alteryx module was run, the output was refreshed.


I'll be watching to see if there is an answer for creating these headers here.  Until then, my approach does work.




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ACE Emeritus

If you use fixed-width for the columns and also layout width, you can basically force everything to line up.  In this example, it's very, very close... but the thickness of the cell padding (or maybe spacing) is causing a tiny variation.  That could probably be accounted for as well, but hopefully it's close enough here. (see attachment).



Thats exactly what i was looking for. Thanks a lot John.


Hope Alteryx incorporates this feature in the future releases.


Hi John,


I was able to implement your solution for the multiple headers but like you mentioned there is small gap between the headers. Have you been able to remove the spacing between headers as i haven't found a solution to that as yet?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @santosh_garimella,


Sadly I haven't looked at this since the last post here; I do not recall getting around the issue back then.


Perhaps @Community_Admin could provide additional insights here?