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Multiple .xls tabs to email output

Alteryx Partner

Good afternoon,


I am attempting to automate a report, in which four unique .xls tabs have been created, and rolled into one larger .xls file.  At this point, I am searching for ideas on how to automate sending this file via email. The tabs need to remain separate in the output, as they have been filtered down to display the same metrics, just different business units. 


The issue I am running into is that there is how to set up an email tool with the output in it's current configuration in the workflow. There are four output tools, each sending data to an Excel spreadsheet. Below is how the end of the workflow is set up, but with the Output tool being more or less 'final,' I am having issues trying to link it to the email tool.


Any help is appreciated! 



xls to email.png


Creative Director
Creative Director

It sounds like you want to run an Email Event, and not use the Email tool. 


From your workflow properties (properties window with nothing selected),

  1. Click the Events Tab.
  2. Click Add -> Email
  3. Run Event After Run Without Errors
  4. Fill out the To/From, etc
  5. Add your attachments

The Email Event will send one email at the completion (or prior to) the wworkflow run. In contrast, the Email tool will send an email for every record in the datastream.


P.S. notice the Enable Events checkbox on the Events Tab window...this comes in handy

Tara McCoy
Alteryx Partner

This was a huge help! Thanks!


Amazing, thank you. Been trying to figure this out myself all of today!


Great solution Tara. If we want to modify the Subject to include today's date, what is the syntax? What I have now is as shown below:


%Module% - %NumErrors% Errors

Hi Tara!


My workflow outputs 12 separate Excel files (2-3 worksheets per file). I want to email each individual Excel file to a different audience. In order to name the files "automatically," I've created a NewFileName field which includes some of the file path name and a couple of dynamic fields depending on the filters applied to the specific data set. In the end result, the Excel file created pulls the name of the file from the field NewFileName. I don't want to rename the file manually every month (or week). As such, the Output tool doesn't display the full name of the new files created. How can I choose the path for the attachment from the NewFileName field?