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Multiple tables in single email

Hi Alteryxees,


I have a workflow that looks like this:


Alteryx Report 1.PNG

It essentially creates two separate tables which are then emailed to me. The two tables look like this:


Alteryx Report 2.PNG

Alteryx Report 3.PNG


Currently these are sent as two separate emails. I would like to send them in a single email (one after another). Clearly the tables don't have common columns so I can't just join them together and put them in one big table (besides visually I would like them separated).


I assume this must be possible. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.




@danieljcroberts You should be able to use the layout tool. That will accept both of your reporting snippets and combine them into 1.

Hi Patrick,


Thanks for the suggestion. This is clearly a 'user' issue. But I was expected that I can take the layout tool and then have several workflows enter the tool and then sort the layout. Do I have to join it into one large table (although the data is complete separate) and then fiddle in the layout tool, or am I missing something?


Thanks for your help,


Appreciate it.



@danieljcroberts I've attached an example. You would indeed need to join your data (by record position) first before the layout tool. Alternatively, you could union your data and then use a summarize tool but you would have less control around formatting.


I was thinking of the visual layout tool, which is under the laboratory category (or you can just search). This tool would indeed allow you to connect all of your streams. It's not yet production ready (which is why it's in the laboratory category).

Thanks, super helpful, just what I needed.