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Multiple selection from alteryx app check box through source file

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


i have requirement in which i need to pass multiple Input value from Source file itself.


i am attaching one example in which i have 4 records in input file i am selecting one record from drop down at a time to display.


In  the requirement i can choose multiple values from source file connected via check box (A,B,C) etc . and all records related to multiple input should display.


Any help is appreciated.


6 - Meteoroid

Hello Piyush,


Based on this:


I recreated your workflow, so it works as needed.


What you have to do is use your categories as field names and then you can import them into list box for showing.


Afterwards, in the filter tool you need an dynamic formula, or else the workflow won't work, because you are trying to change multiple values in one field with a single string replacement.


Attached the workflow below.


All the best,


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi @piyush,


If you are looking to have the data from that input update the interface, you may want to try using chained apps. It will allow you to pass the information to the 2nd app in a workflow. Once you have that you would need to change the drop down to a list box (this is a great video to start with 


When you do a list box you will need to adjust how you pass the information to the workflow. I attached your workflow as a list box. I would still recommend making this a chained app as well.