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Multiple select tools to single output file

7 - Meteor

Is there way to combine the data into a single output file from multiple select tools. I have attached the screen shot for reference.


In this example from two select tools, the data should be extracted to single output file i.e. MIG_POS_OBBA_DEP.csv

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Yes you can using the union tool, however this may create issues depending on how you want the resulting csv file to look. Try this method and if it doesn't suit then I can share another method.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

It depends on how you want the output formatted.  

  1. Parallel columns of data, ie row 1 contains data from the columns of select 1 and select 2.  In this case just combine the columns from the 2 selects into one select and send that to the output.
  2. Serial rows. i.e. the rows of data from each select follow each other.  Here, use a union tool to lump the 2 streams into one big set that then goes to the output.  You can either
    1. make sure your 2 select tools create the same column names and Auto config by name in the Union tool or
    2. use Autoconfig by position