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Multiple outputs posting to the same excel sheet, in different cells


Hey guys,


So I am using Alteryx to generate my monthly reports. I am sourcing different account info and posting the balances in different lists on one excel sheet. I know how to post data to a certain cell, but once I try and use multiple different outputs I run into an error. I will add screenshots to help my case.


1)                                                     2)                                                      3)


Alteryx Certified Partner

That worked! My only problem is I am running a filter tool for each step, how do you advise me to properly use the block if tool?


Hi @all163 


To use the Block Until Done tool in your structure, you'll have to put the Block Until Done before the filter and duplicate the filter again before the next Block Until Done like this 




Another alternative is to add the first filter condition into the 2nd filter tool.


There's also a Macro from the Crews Macro Pack called the Parallel Block Until Done.  It has 2 inputs, so you'd feed the top stream into input 1 and the bottom stream into input 2.