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Multiple inputs not included in Alteryx Package

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Hi Alteryx Users,


I am reading multiple csv inputs in the Input tool in my workflow (using * wildcard), however, when I package the workflow, these files do not appear in the package. Has anyone else experienced such an issue before? How do I get around this?


Thanks a lot, 


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Since the wildcard basically creates a "dynamic" workflow, packaging will not include the CSV files that are currently there (probably with the logic that most people want the package to remain "dynamic" once it is run).

If you are wanting to include them in order to have a working package that you send to someone else, you can include them as "assets" in the package.

Do do this, you first have to change a setting in User Settings (under Options in the main menu). Go to the Advanced tab and check "Display Asset Management in Properties Window".

Once checked a new icon will appear in the Properties window for the Input tool for Assets. You can click on that and then add any files you want to incorporate in the package.

Again, just keep in mind that you will be turning the package into a "static" set of data.