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Multiple criteria in one formula

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How do I set up my formula to have multiple options as the criteria?


For example, my current formula would be something like (Contains([Food], "Fruit") OR (Contains([Food], "Chocolate") OR (Contains([Food], "Pizza"). I believe there is a shortcut to present ((Contains([Food], "Fruit"/"Chocolate"/"Pizza") in one go - is that possible?

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20 - Arcturus



While there isn't a way to construct the formula as you described it, I did create a macro (Contains In-List) that does exactly that.





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Hi Mark,


Thanks for your reply. This macro looks really interesting, but I'm not exactly sure which control parameter I would use and how I would configure it to solve my query. Could you give me any pointers?





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I'm going to propose a different solution to Mark which would be to use the 'find and replace tool'.

I would create a text input with two columns, the first would contain a row by row list of the values I want to search for. The second column would contain a flag 'Y'.

You can then use the find and replace tool to search for the words in this lookup list, against a field in your main data stream; you can choose the 'append a field' option and choose the flag field, which means the stream coming out of the tool would contain all your original values, plus an additional field, 'flag' which would contain a Y If any of the values exist, or be empty if non exist.

Have a go at implementing this logic and I'll give you some help if you struggle.


Hi @nrubner1, I saw this achieved on a session with a customer the other day. 


You can try using the IN() formula, with your multiple criteria inside the parenthesis e.g. [Food] IN ("Pizza", "Chocolate", "Fruit")


See my attached workflow and let me know if this works.