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Multiple Tools being recognized as custom macros


I have encountered an issue with my Alteryx Designer. It was working correctly for some time, but then I started to see that some tool are being recognized as custom macros when I try to save them are share with different users


I tried this solution but it did now work for me. 


Any ideas what I can do to make it work correctly? I reinstalled Alteryx 3 times yesterday, still not working and my corporate IT support has no idea how to fix it ..


Last time it happened I had my laptop cleared and formatted but it only helped for a week or two.







Hi @MSwider 


Just wanting to check and say that this isn't anything out the ordinary. 


The tools you have been using are in fact macros that have been written and supplied by us (Alteryx).


A good way to tell it's one of ours is that they won't be checked by default. 


If it's a macro you have written and stored in a different location (to the alteryx\bin folder) it will automatically be checked.


So you shouldn't need to include these macros as they are part of the standard installation, well some are part of the predictive install on top, but supplied by us at least.


If your colleagues have them then you should be all good to share without incorporating them.


Hi @MSwider,


some of the pre-built tools are in fact macros (you can right click on the Data Cleansing tool on the canvas > Open Macro: Data Cleanse.yxmc if you want to check how it's built).


If you just ignore them when saving your workflows on your Gallery or when you export your workflows to share them with other users (i.e. you leave the boxes unchecked), your colleagues should be able to use user workflows anyway because Designer on their machine will find the corresponding macro (let's say the Data Cleansing tool) on their local machine anyway.


Hope this makes sense and solves your problem.