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Multiple Table & Multiple tabs

5 - Atom

Hi All,


I am new to alteryx and need your help and support to see how can I use it correctly.


I have an excel template with multiple tables in multiple tabs. I also have hundreds of users which each complete a copy of the template.

What I need is to combine all these excel spread sheets with information provided by the users into one main data file. Attach is the example of my template. To make it simple this one has two tabs, one is the example of input table (which users complete) and the other tab is an example I am looking to get it as my output by using alteryx.


Any help much appreciate it.


Best wishes


13 - Pulsar

That looks it would work, the 2 problems I see is:


1) Do the number of rows change ? 

2) when you write to the main data file, what is that and do you want to add to it over time ?


If all the spreadsheets are the same layout, you could write a macro and then then all the sheets using the same macro.  This could be as easy as putting all the files in a single directory and then the workflow processes all files in that directory.

5 - Atom

Hi cmcclellan,


To answer your questions:

1) Number of rows won't change and same for each user.

2) Nothing is going to add into main data file. The only possibility is to add additional table in our main excel template.


All spreadsheets have same layout and tables are in the same rows and columns. In terms of macro, would you please explain a little bit more.

Many thanks

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora



Within each workbook, do the tabs have the same schema?


In other words, should File 1.Sheet1, File1.Sheet2, File1.Sheet3, File2.Sheet1, File2.Sheet2, File3.Sheet3 all be blended into one data source? Do the different sheets in each workbook represent different organizations? Or should all sheet1's be unioned, all sheet2's, etc.


I have a macro worked up, just need to figure out how to implement it for you based on your needs.