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Multiple People Using the Same Report


I created a report and it runs great.  However, when one of my co-workers tries to run it, they get an error message that the base files cannot be found.  I need for my co-workers to be able to run this report in my absence.  Are multiple people able to run the same report in Alteryx?  Or is only the person who created the report able to run it?

Alteryx Partner

Could be a permissions problem.   Can they access the file directly without using Alteryx?

Alteryx Partner

Or is only the person who created the report able to run it?    Not the case as long as they are licensed and running the same or later version of Alteryx. 


Thank you for your responses.  She was running an older version of Alteryx than I was.  Once she upgraded to my version, she was able to run it.  Thanks!