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Multiple Outputs to One Tab

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I'm puzzled at why this isn't working. I'm hoping someone can help. I have two outputs writing to the same spreadsheet tab. I added the "Block Until Done" tool before the output of each line. Only the second line is providing an output/data. 


The first line I've include $A2:K24 and the second line is $P2:AA24.


When I detach the connector to the output on the second line... the first line output writes with no problem. When I add the connector back to the second line, it over writes the the first line every time.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @lisamccullough


Looking at the Block Until Done tools in your screenshot, they are independent and hence the second output will overwrite the first.

I would suggest to use Block Until Done only at the first line:

  1. Output 1 of Block Until Done connected to first spreadsheet output
  2. Output 2 of Block Until Done connected to a Count tool
  3. Use an Append tool to connect the Count tool and the second line output
  4. Deselect Count in the Append tool and output data

Step 2 & 3 ensure that the output of the first spreadsheet is completed before writing the second.





On a side note, to achieve what you want that is to combine the 2 datasets into 1 spreadsheet tab (assuming that there are no other data), I was thinking you can actually join the 2 outputs using a Join tool to join on Record position (add dummy columns L to O), and output this as 1 output without using the Block Until Done tool.


Hope this helps.




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Thanks Lelia!


I decided to use the Join Tool. It provided the exact format I needed.... except the extra blank columns between the two reports.


How exactly do I created empty columns? I've been working on this today, but can't seem to figure it out. I tried using the Formula and Dynamic tool... still wasn't able to remove the header on the column. 


Thank you,



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You're welcome @lisamccullough.


My way of doing the empty columns have one downside though. The outputs will all be tagged as string in the excel output.

Essentially, the idea is to create a record with all the headers except for the columns that do not need headers. This record will be set as the 1st row.

Then when writing the output to excel, check the 'Skip Field Names'.


Apologies for not highlighting this earlier. Coming to think about it I think your approach (i.e. Block Until Done) is better.


I've included both approaches in the attached. Hope you find them useful.

Again, I'm so sorry to have cause you spending too much time on the dummy columns. I've in fact learnt something from you.