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Multiple Join output null rows

Alteryx Partner

Hi there,


I'm trying to use join multiple tool with dimension table that I have and Fact table, the problem is after using join multiple I'm getting rows with null value except one column.


I'm gonna explain my case using example:




I joined using these two columns that are match to each other but the problem is I'm getting one more row that all fields are null except that one BelongTo that located in Dimension table. 


The real rows' number was: 73,701

after Join: 73,702


Why I'm getting extra rows? how can I remove these extra column? how does the join operation process? As I know it should check the equality between these two columns. 


It looks like either this is producing a cartesian join or a multidimensional join.  If you are just joining the Fact and Dimension, then just use the normal Join Tool or Find Replace.

Alteryx Partner

Hi @RishiK , I want to use columns from both tables that's why I need to use multiple join and yes I'm getting multidimensional  error. 


Hi @riam_abdullah 


Can you share some info about how your multi-join is configured?  Perhaps an image of the configuration?  I'm trying to understand why you are using a multi-join to join 2 tables







I agree with you, a normal Join tool should suffice here.