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Multiple Input files


I have multiple files in one folder and trying to input using input tool and using *  to input all the files in that folder, but its not working for me as its just taking only one file. Can any one help me with the same? where am i going wrong?




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

A couple of things to check here. Do all the files you are trying to input have the sheet titled 'Report' (the picture is a bit fuzzy but thats what it looks like).


Another thing to check would be to watch the results window as the input progresses, it may be that your table's have a different schema and thus Alteryx will not input them, but there are macro's to solve this issue available on the Alteryx gallery. I can point you to them if this is the issue.


Kind regards,



Hello Ben ,


Yeah all input files has the sheet name Report , as you said there is a macro to solve this can you help me with that ?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



So looks like the schema is the issue here then.


I have attached the batch macro which is given in this post


But essentially you need to input a list (either an excel file or text input for example) of all the full paths for the files that you want to bring in (if this is feasible, maybe not so if you are working with high volumes of files. Select that field in the macro and your off.


in your case it would look something like...

C:\Reports\Tech direct\Alteryx Proj\CQ Watson\Yotta\File1.xlsx|Report

C:\Reports\Tech direct\Alteryx Proj\CQ Watson\Yotta\File2.xlsx|Report

C:\Reports\Tech direct\Alteryx Proj\CQ Watson\Yotta\File3.xlsx|Report

C:\Reports\Tech direct\Alteryx Proj\CQ Watson\Yotta\File4.xlsx|Report






I got your point but am not able to connect the batch macro to my Dynamic input tool , am bit confused about this right now. I had saved the macro  but not sure how to work with this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The batch macro in this case acts as your dynamic input tool so this should no longer be on the canvas.


The set up should be something like shown in the images below...





Of course this relies on you finding a method to create a list of complete file paths for the files you are interested in.



How to use if the input files are from odbc database instead of Excel files