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Multiple Google Sheets to be extracted from Google Drive

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I wish to download multiple google sheets from Google drive. I have used the Google sheets tool but it extracts one sheet at a time.

I can use multiple google sheets tool and select one  sheet at a time and get the results. But this is not feasible when we haveextract information from 100 google sheets from the Google Drive. Can anyone please tell me if there is a way out to extract multiple google sheets at one time from Google Drive?



Hi @donna_mitra,


You would need to build a batch macro to do this. You would need to set up a list of sheets you want to read in and use action tools within the macro to update the Google Sheets Input tool to loop through them one by one.


If they have different schemas (field names) you'll need to check the option in the Interface Designer stating that each iteration will have a different output and then choose the option you'd like to use to address that.

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Hello @AndrewL,


The google Sheet input tool generates workbook and worksheet id by using HTML SDK tool.

So, how can we build the workflow to generate ids for workbooks and worksheets?

The batch macro will change only the workbooks and worksheets names.




@AhmedAlZabidi, I am running into the same issue. Were you able to resolve this?


I also have a similar issue, thought about trying to tweak the Google sheets input macro but haven't found anything that's worked. Has this been resolved some other way?