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Multiple Files for Blob Input


Hi there,


I have a workflow which already works converting ONE .json file into a nice structure in a DB. 


My problem is now, that I have several .json files I want to go through this workflow - and not by changing file name everytime :-)

So, I tried that with dynamic input, directory, with and without select tools etc... but everytime the input blob throws an error, telling that it could not access files, leaving an empty blob field...


Thanks for your help!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @lisander ,


You need to use a macro for this case. I would recommend you to use the direcory input to list all your files and use it as feed for the macro.


In the macro you will use the name and path parameter to change dinamically the blob configuration (for name and path selected) and after convert it into a DB.


Be sure to convert them INSIDE the macro, given that if you do it outside of it outputing the files it will add them up.




hi @afv2688 ,


Thanks, I am working on it based on your input. so in my WF posted before I added the tool "input macro" before the blob and separatly I opend a new WF with the directory file wich leads to the macro. Now, where exactly I have to do this -> "In the macro you will use the name and path parameter to change dinamically the blob configuration"? I tried several tools and even in the blob, but still didn't suceed.


Thx again for you help!