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Multiple Changing inputs in an iteration

Alteryx Partner


I am trying to create an iterative macro but need to change two different inputs in every iteration. Is there a way to do this? 

Essentially I have a bunch of orders, I allocate them based on existing inventory on a particular day. The orders that couldn't be fulfilled need to run through again, but with next days incoming materials added to the inventory. So for every iteration
1. I need to change the existing inventory to include incoming inventory and subtract inventory that has already been used   

2. Only include orders that weren't allocated in the previous iteration. 


This iteration needs to run until all orders have been fulfilled. 

Can this be done through iterative macro? 



You can definitely accomplish this, as long as you can feed in all of your incoming materials at the start of the iterative process.


I gave a talk on an iterative macro iterating on two separate groups at Inspire 2018.


Some quick hints:

Combine your distinct datasets together before beginning the iterative macro.  Find something unique about each data set that you can use to separate them.

Separate your datasets within the iterative macro as step one, then begin iterative processing.  Output any records that you expect to output as part of each individual iteration, and combine the rest back together (into the same format you initially fed into the iterative macro).



I hope this helps!  Let me know if you get stuck.