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Multi-row formula changes sorting




I confronted the following problem. After I perform multi-row formula on my dataset it changes its sorting, which is crucial for the following another multi-row tools.

Of course I can sort it again every time, however this is the case only with certain caluclations.

How can I prevent unsorting done by multi-row formula or what is the reason for that?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
The sort is a result of your use of the grouping options in the multi-row formula. As long as the data needs to be in a specific order, you'll need to use a post formula tool to return it to the previous order.

If the data is already in the right sequence, then you can check the key as part of the formula and avoid any sorts.

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You are absolutely right I accidentally checked Group By option and didn't notice that. Silly issue.