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Multi-row conditional syntax problem

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I am new to Alteryx and this question seems basic for my genetic analysis. I need to compare current cell_id row value to cell_id next value, and if equal, add the next umi row value to a new column on the same row, if not equal, return 0. As you can see from the output, the conditional always returns as not equal. I've tried a couple different variations. See workflow attached:


biological_sample cell_id gene_name umi dual_expressor
1904_170_ctrl          1          IGHA1      11          0
1904_170_ctrl          3          IGHA1      14          0
1904_170_ctrl          4          IGHA1      16          0
1904_170_ctrl          5          JCHAIN     9           0
1904_170_ctrl          6          IGHA1       1           0
1904_170_ctrl          6          JCHAIN     5           0
1904_170_ctrl          7          IGHA1       1           0
1904_170_ctrl          7         JCHAIN      171       0

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ACE Emeritus


I think the issue with your current workflow is that you are grouping by the gene_name and umi columns in your multi-row formula.  If you remove these groups I think that it works as expected.


The problem here is that the gene_name changes even in the same cell_id, and each row has its own unique umi, so these group bys essentially cause subgroups to exist in your data that never have the same cell_id.

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Uncheck the group by fields in your multi row formula


multi row.png

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Thanks! That worked perfectly. Still not sure why though.