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Multi confition if fuction

Hi community,


I am putting together a formula to add some categories to some data. 


I have a dataset containing the price in $ of some transactions. If the value is over, between or under certain values, then a category is returned.


I am using the below, and I am getting "Invalid type in operator <" 


if [US m adj] > 500 THEN "Over 500"
elseif [US m adj] < 500 && [US m adj] > 100 THEN "100-500"

elseif [US m adj] < 100 && [US m adj] > 50 THEN "50-100"
elseif [US m adj] < 50 && [US m adj] >10 THEN "10-50"
else "less than 10"


Any suggestions on how I am getting this wrong? 





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @DavidOliverChapman 


"I have a dataset containing the price in $ of some transactions"


This probably means your numbers are in a String format. You should convert to Double or Fixed Decimal type and get rid of the dollar sign before doing number comparisons.





Brilliant. First rate solution.