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Multi-columns Find and Replace

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I am trying to convert the below data into another format with another ID, For example, the first row should become "1001]3001]" (i.e. the ID will be different every time). What my approach now is to create another list with the original and the corrected ID and carry out the find and replace for each column, then insert a formula to concatenate the 3 columns. However, in normal scenario, there will be more than 30+ columns and it will take ages to perform 30+ times find and replace, is there any method/ workaround that could perform the task in a much efficient way?.

On the other hand, I am trying to replace empty cells with some characters but fail to do so, could you please kindly advise?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Tyler,
You could try adding a recordID, transposing the data, then running the find replace for all fields at the same time.  Once done, you could cross tab the data back.
Sr. Solutions Engineer