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Multi-Row formula tool for rows more than 1 removed from current row

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Can anyone tell me why [Row+1:Column1] works but [Row+2:Column1] throws the error "Unknown Variable "Row+2:ColumnName"?

The posts I have found show that rows other than +1 and -1 should work as part of a multi row formula, but I can't get this to work.  What errors can I look for?


This is part of an IIF statement


IIF([Column1]=1, "NA",
IIF([Row+1:Column1]=1 AND [Row+2:Column1]!=1, [Column2]+"-"+[Row+2:Column2],
IIF(Row+2:Column1]=1, [Column2]+"-"+[Row+3:Column2],


Many thanks for you help!

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Within the Multi-Row formula there is a configuration setting for "Num Rows".  If you increase that value, you'll be able to search against 2, 3 or more rows.





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@JenM Row+2 should work so long as you've selected at least 2 rows in the "Num Rows" option:



The default is 1, so you would have to manually change it to be 2. Let me know if you've already done that and it's still throwing an error!

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Brilliant - thank you! Error solved.

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Can we set the number of rows field based on a parameter?

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arghhhh so obvious thank you!!!