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Multi-Row Formula and Macro

8 - Asteroid
I created a workflow that shifts one line at a time for some data.
I would like to create a workflow that shifts 2 lines, 3 lines, and 4 lines in the same way.
Because there are multiple columns, not just one
If possible, I would like to make at once.
Multi-Row Formula's formula
[Row + 1: Value]
[Row + 2: Value]
[Row + N: Value]
I think that if you make a macro in the form of, it will be solved, but I could not make it.
I want you to tell me how to make it.
thank you.
11 - Bolide

Hi @SaoriYamguchi,


I've had a go at what I think you want.


I took a batch macro approach, and have it so that you can run row+1, row+2 etc etc in one go. The results are then arranged in a table.


Try the attached workflow and see if it works for you.





8 - Asteroid

Thank you. I appriciate it.